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Established in 1985, Spectra Analytical Co. Ltd ever provided Precision Instrument and Acessories /SRM service ,covering ~NMR丶EPR/ FTlR丶UV-VlS丶FLR丶Raman/XRD丶XRF/GC丶LC丶GC-MS丶LC-MS/AA丶lCP丶lCP-MS/AUGER丶ESCA丶SlMS/DSC丶DTA丶TMA丶TGA丶DMA/Micro Balance/Nondestructive lnspection/Vacuum equipment/Glove Box/Laboratory equipment/Sample Preparation equipment/Sample Collection equipment/Digestion Dissolution equipment/SRM丶CRM丶QC Standard⋯

Now,our new hi-tech service FOCUS ~

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Aura Material Logo

In 2017, Spectra Analytical Co. invested in Aura Material Inc., which has developed patented process and application for high-performance gas adsorption hollow fiber (Hollow Fiber HF) and begin a new revolution in gas adsorption / separation / purification / recycling materials and equipment!

In 2018, AuraMat moved its operation to the Hsinchu Science Park, the site of technology-focused institutions in Northern Taiwan, and has several large-scale co-operation projects for gas purification / VOC separation / low dew point dry air processing.