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NMR001: NMR Tube Specifications and Quality

The purpose of an NMR tube is to confine a liquid sample in a perfectly cylindrical volume in a magnetic field. Since this description is based on mechanics, it is not surprising that NMR tubes have been described by structural parameters for many years. The degree to which an NMR sample tube approaches the ideal ‘perfect cylinder’ defines the quality of the NMR tube.

Consumables for Liquid-Phase small Volume and External Reference NMR Studies
• Bruker® MicroProbe/MicroCryoProbe Sample Tubes
• Sample Tubes for Automatic Sample Changer and Bruker MATCH™ System
• Doty® Susceptibility Plugs (Shigemi Substitute)
• Doty® Plugs for 3mm Thin Wall Tubes
• Doty® Plugs for 5mm Thin Wall Tubes
• Doty® Plugs for 8mm Thin Wall Tubes
• Coaxial Inserts
• Stem Coaxial Inserts
• 5mm Micro Cell Assembly (use with small sample sizes in thin wall tube)
• Large Volume Microcell Inserts
• Pyrex® NMR Capillary Tubes

Gas-Tight Consumables for Liquid-Phase and Gas-Phase NMR
Constricted Vacuum Tube and Tip-Off Manifold
Constricted NMR tubes offer the most convenient way to flame-seal an air-sensitive sample. Simply apply vacuum to the tube using our Tip-Off Manifold, and then heat the constricted portion and twist off to seal the sample in tube. Order a constricted NMR tube by adding “CONS” to the product number of any Wilmad sample tube. Example: 507-PP-7CONS.

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