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Patented Gas Adsorption Material/Equipment Instrument/Lab Humidity Control

✔Dehumidification / Environmental Control (%RH, Dew Point, Moisture, Temp, Particle, Pollution, Radiation...) Cabinet
✔Reduce Maintenance, Repair, Excessive Expenses
✔Ensure Instrumental Accuracy & Precision

Customized Airtight Cabinet: Material / Size / Storage

Our Custom cabinet design and construction can incorporate:

  • Dust-proofing
  • Lightproofing
  • Anti-Static
  • Insect Control
  • Insulation
  • Built-in power supply
  • Gas in and out
  • Glovebox
  • Shockproof
  • and other elements to meet your needs...

  • Durable
  • Energy Saving
  • No Consumables
  • Ambient Temp / Pressure Dehumidification

Select from the following environmental control functions according to your needs

Spectra Analytical-Laboratory Instrument Storage Cabinet / Desiccator

High Efficiency Dehumidifying Dry Unit for Humidity / DP / Moisture Control.

Upgradeable functions such as: constant temperature / low temperature, HEPA, N2 purge, heating, sterilization, temp/humidity monitoring

Recommend Environmental Control Storage:

• 50~60% RH to prevent deformation
• 40~50% RH to prevent mold/fungus development
• <40% RH to prevent oxidation / hydration / hydrolysis / deterioration
• <20% RH, <10% RH, <5% RH Prevent micro-oxidation / micro-deterioration / powder micro-caking / micro-adsorption... (Can replace N2 / vacuum dry)
• <1% RH Low dew point dry air prevent condensation & offer low temperature dehumidification capabilities
• Drying at low and/or room temperature to prevent heat deterioration.
Adsorb & Remove pollution gases such as VOCs, CO, CO2, acid / base gas... 

Solving problems of insufficient function of traditional methods, such as:

N2 / Vacuum / Baking Dryer, Dehumidifier / Air Conditioner %RH/ Temp Control, Desiccants / Absorbents (silica gel, zeolite, active carbon...)

Real Cases for Serving

Some Real Cases for Serving

✔Accessories, parts & supplies for instrument
✔Apparatus & Supplies for Lab

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
Spectra Analytical-Laboratory Instrument Storage Cabinet / Desiccator

AFM Microscope
Spectra Analytical-Laboratory Instrument Storage Cabinet / Desiccator

 Metallurgical Microscope
Spectra Analytical-Laboratory Instrument Storage Cabinet / Desiccator

Lab Consumable Supply
Spectra Analytical-Laboratory Instrument Storage Cabinet / Desiccator

Standards / Samples
Spectra Analytical-Laboratory Instrument Storage Cabinet / Desiccator

School Lab
Spectra Analytical-Laboratory Instrument Storage Cabinet / Desiccator

Various Theodolite
Spectra Analytical-Laboratory Instrument Storage Cabinet / Desiccator

Integrating sphere
Spectra Analytical-Laboratory Instrument Storage Cabinet / Desiccator

X-ray spectrometer
Spectra Analytical-Laboratory Instrument Storage Cabinet / Desiccator

Glove Box
Spectra Analytical-Laboratory Instrument Storage Cabinet / Desiccator


Precision Balance

Environmental control issues for precision instruments & Accessories

All precision instruments (large, medium, small / Lab or On Line or Portable) have the structure shown above.

Ambient moisture (% RH), temperature difference (Temp), water condensation / dew point (Dp), dusting, light, and trace pollution gases in the air, all will lead the key components of instruments to problems like deformation / quality change / oxidation / mold / rust and deterioration. These problems will cause signal energy decay, analysis distortion, degradation failure, increase expenses of maintenance / repair / repurchase. Detail descriptions are as follows.

A. Signal of Xray / lR / UV / Radiation / Sonic and Electromagnetic Wave / e gun / High Magnetic Field, etc., are mostly operating on high voltage / high vacuum condition。Signal generation components are susceptible to oxidation aging due to moisture / temperature difference condensation, resulting in reduced signal strength, decay, shortened operation lifespan.

B. Signal transmission channels and components, such as optical Mirrors / Lens / Filters / Grating in a spectrometer, are easily affected by moisture / temperature difference condensation and mold/fungus development, which weakens the signal transmission strength, deviates reflection, and unable to focus.

C. Trace amount of H2O / CO2 present in the Instrument Chamber, such as FTIR's Optical Chamber, will affect the analysis of its absorption spectrum. Therefore, a Dry Air Purge that can strongly adsorb / remove H2O / CO2 is needed.

D. Signal detection / processing are very high sensing elements and electronics / circuits, which are most likely to be distorted and damaged by trace moisture / contaminants.

E. Instrument-specific sample accessories / consumables / maintenance tools, spare service parts / R&D supplies. Such as:

  • Special collection, pre-treatment of gas / liquid / solid samples, and various sample preparation accessories and sampling accessories...
  • Various precision measuring tools & gauges / jigs / molds for instrumentation,
  • Electronic component for repair / replacement,
  • R&D supplies,
    such as:samples, precision machinery parts丶micro evidence, standard reference material SRM/CRM, powder, reagent, test paper, optical filter / lens/mirror丶filter paper, pure metal / material, crystal, specimen, seed, adhesive, wafer, IC, PCB...

Most of them are very air / moisture / pollution sensitive materials. 

Our integrated technology of dehumidification / drying / adsorption / environmental control offer a unique & complete solution for all above problems with the following advantages:

✔ More effective, energy saving, economical, easier to use and durable than traditional methods (N2, vacuum, bake, freeze, air conditioner dryer / silicone, molecular sieve and other dry materials / active carbon and other adsorption materials)

✔ Does not affect temperature / pressure, no heating/ ΔT metamorphosis, no pressure/vacuum control problems. Lower operational / maintenance, power consumption and costs with no difficulty in replacement of consumables / maintenance.

High-tech adsorption / filtration / dehumidification / environment control technology

Advanced Adsorption Filtration Material

This is a new "direct dehumidification technology", which is different from "indirect dehumidification" technology such as compressor-type air conditioners, dehumidifiers and wafer-type moisture-proof boxes ... This new technology is also different from baking, pressurizing with N2, decompression (vacuum) dehumidification methods.

Best of all, our advanced dehumidifying technology can be used in wide variety of spaces. From moisture-proof dry boxes to large space environment dehumidification control!

Technical Characteristics:

  • <1% RH low dew point dry air (-40ºCdp / -70ºCdp / custom dp available).
  • Low humidity / Ultra-low humidity / Low-temperature dehumidification / Ambient-temperature dehumidification and Balanced dehumidification / humidity control
    Solves performance deficiencies of "compressor" (condensation) and TE cooling chip dehumidification methods.
  • 40 ~ 60% RH stable dehumidification not affected by change of ambient temperature and continues to dehumidifies during power outtages.
  • Custom dehumidification systems are available for special environment needs such as: ambient temperature/humidity, low temperature/humidity, normal temperature, low temperature drying and dehydration.

Out of all the damages due to improper environmental control

Moisture Damage To Objects

  • % RH (relative humidity) is a unit that quantifies wetness (higher number) or dryness (lower number)
  • Professional items such as collections, seeds, specimens, archives, standards, measuring tools, materials, food / medicine / chemical materials, semiconductors, instruments, weapons, machinery, accessories, etc., humidity and temperature conditions need to be considered together. As a result, the requirements of "constant temperature and humidity, low temperature and low humidity", "normal temperature, dryness and dehydration, and low dew point (dp) drying" are generated.
  • Home objects such as food and medicine, consumer electronics, shoes and leather bags, boutique accessories, etc., can be gently and stably controlled at room temperature 30 ~ 50% RH, which can meet the needs of moisture-proof storage!
  • Trace pollutants in the air have caused major damage to collectibles, technological research and development items / key production materials.
  • Eureka Dry Tech Auto Dry Boxes have been recognized by millions of users. Energy and money saving, easy to use and durable, and solving humidity problems of professional items.
  • Taiwan Dry Tech has innovated a multi-integrated environmental control service to solve various environmental control problems for "people, things and space"!
Products / Custom Design Services

We provide comprehensive solutions for environmental problems:
temperature, humidity, dust, pollution, light, bacteria ... 

From cabinets to planning / design / customization / construction of special equipment. (Large space / environment desiccating services will be added in the future).

Link below are product information related to the cabinet, and additional successful cases of special function equipment (or large space / environment desiccating), and service information.

We welcome all inquiries regarding our products and services.

email: [email protected]

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